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December 4, 2014
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Mission Viejo, California – October 21: Helping organizations leverage their Oracle-based systems and information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives, Trevera, Inc., has introduced new enhancements to their strategy and services that allow organizations to leverage significant value beyond their technology investment.

Trevera provides multiple lines of service for Oracle technology. Included are Oracle Managed Services, Oracle Solutions, and Oracle Resource Augmentation. Trevera provides services for Oracle Databases and Applications, including E-Business Suite R12 and associated point releases.

Currently, Trevera has elevated its quality standards above market level quality standards for its lines of business, which provide the major types of technology services typically used for Oracle Enterprise Software. Trevera announced plans for its 2016 operating year, which include a collection of aggressive growth and expansion initiatives in its services footprint.

Trevera’s CEO, Michael Bilotta, summarized Trevera’s plans for 2016:

“Trevera has already developed a leading brand in the market for providing Oracle services that stand out among (and above) Managed Services Providers, Systems Integrators, and Resource Augmentation Organizations. This quality standard is built on our culture, acumen, experience, philosophy, synergies, and also our choice of technology products. The applications market is evolving at an increasing rate, which forces adoption cycles to contract. This will bring big changes to the industry, impacting businesses in many different ways. The big buzzwords of today, such as the Cloud, as a Service, and the Internet of Things are compounded culminations of trends that started in the late 90s and 2000s. They are iterations that show persistence and eventual stability, and also with shorter adoption periods. Trevera has been there for its clients in the past, navigating the challenging technologies behind Enterprise Applications and Databases, and now we will be there for our clients when navigating the challenging technologies that come with service based products such as IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, SaaS, and other Cloud based applications and deployments.”

When asked about Trevera’s plans for integrating these software products and deployments into their service lines, Trevera’s CEO had this to add”

“Trevera takes its unmatched quality standards very seriously, and we will only integrate software and service strategies that allow our quality standards to remain at or exceed their current levels. That being said, we believe that the current state of the software market will allow us to successfully add products / deployments from these developing categories in our 2016 operating year. This should be an exciting enhancement for our market, as now customers will have more options than ever before in engaging Trevera’s leading services and support.”

Trevera’s plans for 2016, although currently not officially disclosed, also include additional ecosystem content and Oracle demo systems. Trevera is making available its Oracle demo system, specifically an E-Business Suite demo system, during Oracle OpenWorld 2015. Rob Gregg, a Trevera ecosystem team member, commented on the initiative’s fit into Trevera’s 2016 strategy. “Maintaining quality demo systems helps promote usability, solutions, and overall integration of new products and technologies. The E-Business Suite demo systems are just the beginning. In 2016, Trevera’s ecosystems will include cloud based products, deployments, and technologies, which our ecosystem members will be able to leverage, learn from, and integrate into their IT planning and decisions.” says Rob.

For more information, Trevera will be at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, where the team is available to discuss more about the coming operating year. Trevera will also host an exclusive event at Open World 2015, also giving away premium technology products from Apple and Microsoft.

Trevera will attend Oracle Open World 2015 in San Francisco, California, October 25-October 29, 2015, to participate in and inspire Oracle application and technology services. To learn more about Trevera’s services, or about Trevera’s events and activities at Oracle Open World, visit

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Trevera helps clients to cost effectively leverage their information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives. Trevera provides solutions, resources, and managed services for Oracle products including Oracle Databases, E-Business Applications, and other Oracle products. Trevera provides long-term partnerships and strategic value built on integrity, senior-level expert executive support, and consistent reliability.