Information Management

Estimates tell us that the internet transmits over 45,000 GB every second. A large portion of this information relates to people.  However, information is not organized in a manner that allows delivery, consumption, management, reporting, use, aggregation, or transacting to occur in a productive manner. Big Data is the beginning of the journey to solve these problems, and Trevera’s partnership with SpotMi’s technology and intellectual property portfolio is the end of that journey. Trevera provides the capability to engineer consumer based industry specific technologies, with the legal strength of the SpotMi portfolio to ensure that your solution is truly yours, to help keep the competitors out of your market. Trevera and SpotMi’s Portfolio continues to grow, and the current features are as follows:

Information Delivery

Managing the delivery and storage of person-specific attributes that define every aspect of that person’s life. Whether it’s information relating to demographic, health, entertainment preferences, habits, interests, career, social / professional networks, or anything else, Information Delivery addresses the idea of a centralized, efficient, and leverageable framework of management all the information relating to a person. This information can be leveraged, used, and integrated to create a plethora of opportunities for organizations and individuals. Even better, there’s also a framework for security and privacy, instead of relying on the nebulous (and error prone) defaults of cookies, disclaimers, etc.

Life View

Along with managing an individual’s information, is that presentation of that information. Although there are plenty of options we have for various organizations pushing out information to our devices, systems, etc., there simply aren’t good options for organizing the information in a way that only the truly valuable information gets to us at the point in time where we need it. The Life View uses the extensive information from Information Delivery to customize when, how, and at what frequency and priority to display custom user information. It would be great if the exact information we need would come to us, just when we want it, and in the way we want it. The Life View makes this a reality.

Information Marketplace

So much information about all of us, and so much of this information goes to so many organizations – whether known by us or not. The industry tries to deal with this by asking for consent in generalities that provides few (if any) of us any true idea of what information is going where. Additionally, some of this information is accurate, and some isn’t. This mixed bag of high and low quality information causes a bunch of problems for every industry, as well as being fuel for an entire industry – information aggregators.  Isn’t there a better way? Yes – there is! The Information Marketplace eliminates this imperfect system by removing everything in-between. Specifically, the vast breadth and depth of the information model (Information Delivery) is used to allow a person to determine what organization gets their information, and to what extent. In fact, that person may even wish to sell and transact their information to organizations or even other people. After all, isn’t it in everyone’s best interest to get accurate information about a person, and information that is consented, and if an organization is willing to pay for that information (they are), then why not go to the source? The Information Marketplace allows just that as a reality.

Life-Based Virtual Reality Experience

Like the Life View, the Life-Based VR (or augmented reality) Experience addresses the limitations in individual information management and customization during a person’s VR experience. With the Life-Based VR Experience, a person may experience virtual environments, interactions, people, education, games, trips, business interactions, and much more in a customized manner that may integrate every part of that person’s life, preferences, experiences, and other attributes. With the Life-Based VR Experience, the experience is truly a Virtual Reality.

Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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