Oracle Managed Services

What is the key to a top quality Managed Services experience? It’s not a trick question, but is rather one with multiple answers – customer satisfaction, value, lower TCO, responsiveness, etc. But these facets only exist (and are greatly increased) if the Managed Services experience improves the system’s function, stability, and efficiency.  You get the entire basket of benefits with Trevera’s Managed Services. Trevera’s Managed Services mean your system gets better, faster, and stronger. This allows you to spend more time running or improving your business. Trevera ensures that Managed Services includes seeing real results, resolutions, improved fault tolerance, and eventual decreases in occurrence of common incidents. Built on these foundational success factors, this foundation of service is a delivered reality, through a supportive, warm, and easily understood support specialist on the other end of the phone.

By leveraging resources with multi-faceted expertise, a solid knowledge base, and a fluidly executable services supply chain, Trevera delivers its value proposition by leveraging these key success factors:

Learn About Service Levels

Trevera doesn’t just respond to a ticket; rather, we ensure that your problem is solved. Good service levels come from tickets being resolved in a timely manner. Trevera’s service levels focus on the root cause to promote an improving system environment, while also taking care of efficient ticket disposition in the process.

Knowledge Base

Trevera provides real access and integration of cross-functional solutions; the support process leverages past lessons learned, addresses issues with the right resources, and integrates the right skill sets with the right perspective. Accessible information means that your peace of mind, as well as your cost savings, is realized sooner.

Executable Services Supply Chain

Trevera’s Managed Services leverage an ecosystem, integrating and centralizing all its solutions experience and network across all technology areas, as well as all types of engagements and project life cycles. Whether it’s just ensuring your database runs well, or supporting an Oracle Edge application, or functioning as an outsourced systems business analyst or project / IT executive, or all of the above, Trevera’s managed services not only resolve your service requirements, we improve the quality of your system overall.

Infrastructural Competence

Having worked with countless organizations on their infrastructure and technology strategies, Trevera has the infrastructure expertise and capabilities to address your Oracle Managed Service requirements. Through cloud / XaaS competency, attention to fault tolerance, redundancy, fail over, SAS compliance, and leading disaster recovery methods, Trevera has the scale and infrastructural acumen to provide you with a complete services package to support your needs.

Trevera’s founders have grown and developed quality Managed Services in the Oracle industry since the late 90s, creating and evolving approaches and service types, as well as optimizing flexibility in service level engagements. Trevera prides itself on reliable, multi-faceted Oracle service levels, as supported by the most efficient service structures possible. With Trevera’s leading Managed Services capabilities, along with its other service capabilities, Trevera offers significantly more flexibility, results, and proven service than other organizations.

Our Managed Services include all labor categories, and are focused on Oracle database, E-Business Suite, and related products. Our Managed Services include the following:

Oracle Project Planning, Execution, and Governance

Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Functional Training and Support
  • Technical Training and Support

Oracle Databases

  • Database Administrators
  • Applications / Database Administrators
  • Systems Administrators

Oracle Infrastructure

  • Linux support
  • Network / infrastructure support

Oracle Edge Applications

  • Functional Solutions Training and Support
  • Technical Solutions Training and Support

Oracle Edge Applications

  • Other Oracle Technologies

Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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