Trevera is built on a foundation that focuses on the right values:

Founded by industry veterans with extensive experience focused on Oracle technologies and applications, Trevera is the last Oracle partner you will need to support, leverage, and grow your Oracle technology products. Built on a foundation of client satisfaction, organizational integrity, and growing intellectual capital, Trevera’s foundation has grown and evolved into industry-leading approaches, quality service, as well as thought leadership throughout the industry.

Trevera provides services for Oracle technology, including Architecture, Cloud Services, Database & Applications Technology, and Software Development. Trevera provides Cloud Services, Managed Services, Oracle Solutions, and Workforce Augmentation for Oracle Databases and Applications. Trevera provides long-term partnerships and strategic value built on integrity, executive support by industry veterans, and market leading reliability and value.

IT services have grown into specialized niches. Whether it’s specializing in the latest cloud-based XaaS, or turn-key project leadership, or using managed services to support your ongoing needs, or just the need to find that rare skill set in the market you need, these different services require unique skill sets. Talk to any IT services organization, and they will claim to offer these services (and more). However, digging deeper, you will find that these organizations only have true capabilities in one of these areas. When it comes to providing services, Trevera uses simple criteria – If we can’t provide the Trevera standard of quality service for a service line, then we don’t provide that service line. Trevera doesn’t just provide a service, it integrates the deep engineered quality that makes Trevera unique into every facet of every service we provide.

With Trevera, you not only get this service variety at the high Trevera quality standard, you get the benefit of the synergies among these multiple services. If you want to deploy a cloud solution but need an SI’s expertise in delivering a turn-key solution, you get that (and more) with Trevera. If you are looking for a managed services offering that also allows the flexibility for you to also run smaller projects under the service model, you get that (and more) with Trevera.

At Trevera, our Services are not only about quality; they are about allowing your organization to leverage the maximum amount of value from that quality.

Learn why Trevera doesn’t want to bill you again and again.

Consulting organizations just want to bill, and bill, and bill…right? Actually, yes, that’s right, but not Trevera. It’s really a simple matter of performance, strategy, and where the industry’s going. Let’s look at these three points:


Trevera is a High-Performance organization, and that means we must delivery high performance consulting. Inside of high performance consulting is successful knowledge transfer. During the 90s and 2000s, methodologies promoted this idea all over, but few consulting organizations really believed in it enough to fully integrate it into operations. At Trevera, it’s not only a key success factor, but if we don’t believe we can truly offer you the option of being self-sufficient, we will walk away from the deal.


Contrary to popular belief, consultants that stick around billing to just support your operations are doing their company no favors. Those situations cause chronic skills stagnation problems – or simply put – the consulting staff isn’t learning anything new. When the consulting staff isn’t learning anything new, it’s harder to keep up with current point releases, as well as the opportunity costs for the consultants learning nothing new vs. something new. In summary, doing more faster allows the organization’s intellectual capital to increase the fastest.

The Industry

Despite opinions and the complexity of how the technology industry curve moves, the industry is evolving faster and faster. Additionally, the parts of it that can commoditize, are commoditizing. Surviving, let alone thriving in this industry, means that organizations must do more, faster, and yes, spend less time on projects / assignments. Supporting system operations on stagnant functionality / system versions is the opposite of doing this.

Trevera is your partner in adopting new technologies, quickly, effectively, and adopted for future growth and scale.