Trevera’s DNA includes deep architecture experience in a variety of infrastructural components, data centers, technology stack layers, systems, networks, databases, applications, and devices. Trevera is moving along with the change in approaches regarding enterprise architecture. The method of building elaborate models and specifying technology choices is too slow and inflexible, considering today’s nimble and fast-paced technology environment. New sets of best practices for architecting, working with developers, system layouts / configurations, and integrating the robust options allowed in the Cloud all contribute to the path towards an optimal architected solution.

Enterprise Databases and Applications

Properly architecting your technology is such a critical function that can be missed due to a variety of reasons ranging from lack of experience, an unqualified partner, complexity of software, volatility of software, and more. If the architectural design is not done properly, the system will not run optimally – or quite simply put – there will be problems ranging from slow system performance, to hung processes, to data corruption, to instability overall. Of course, these problems can also occur for other reasons, but the architecture is the baseline for performance. If that function is not properly done, by a seasoned expert, then the system’s integrity and foundation will always be under question – and more than likely – will be a root cause for chronic system problems. Our system architects have extension experience with many different enterprise system footprints, with different hardware / network configurations, and with many different types of end goals in mind. With a competent staff that covers all the major technologies areas, we can help you size, spec, and configure your technology solution from the ground up.

At Trevera, your services can ensure you have a solid technology foundation to build on that will last and scale to support your business as it grows.

Cloud Migrations

With the significant amount of premise data centers being moved into more salable, secure, and redundant professional data centers, is it any surprise that Cloud Migrations are an activity that is (or should be) on your agenda over the next few years?  Trevera’s team has a proven approach in helping you plan, spec, and execute your migration to Trevera’s data center (Cloud based) solution. Trevera has the experience to help you decide on specifications ranging from basic CPU/Memory/Storage/Bandwidth, to levels of disaster recovery, redundancies, and enterprise system performance and backup. When coupled with our software architectural and managed services, you truly receive a complete, high quality, turnkey solution. Additionally, Trevera’s data center is an extension of Trevera’s quality services and culture, which ensures that your service experience remains one that follows Trevera’s high standards.

With Trevera’s Cloud Migrations, you get your goals and your peace of mind delivered, and all at the quality you expect from Trevera.


Trevera also offers other types of architectural services, such as pointed security or device based solutions, other database products, or other applications products. As our customers realize the value received from Trevera’s Services, there may be an interest to leverage this value in other areas. Trevera will always be open and transparent about our history with a software or technology footprint, and regardless of such, will only accept engagements where we are very confident we can deliver quality per our standards, and in a way that you will be satisfied with your end result.

Oracle Databases

Database Administrators

Applications Administrators

Systems Administrators

Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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