Michael A. Bilotta

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and co-founder of Trevera Solutions, Inc.

Michael has over twenty years of leadership experience and achievements in business and information technology, including Technology Growth Strategies, Systems Integration, Process Improvement, Supply Chain Planning, Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance, Internal Controls, and Strategic Planning. Michael’s cross-functional and stratified capabilities have helped organizations in many vertical industries grow their technology and operations in a way that leads to market success. Through over twenty years of accomplishments and evolving organizations as industry thought leaders, Michael has brought regional Oracle Services leadership through his strategies, methods, and services. Michael’s leadership is enabled by a deep and extensive breadth of proven expertise in the Oracle space. Through both passion and ability, Michael provides value through his knowledge of industries, technologies, solution architecture, methodology, sponsorship, quality management, customer service, and cross-functional disciplines. Michael brings a dynamically capable foundation to Trevera as a centrifugal pillar in the Oracle ecosystem.

Sean M. Chawla

EVP and co-founder of Trevera Solutions, Inc.

Sean has over 19 years of experience in management and information technology. Sean’s multi-tiered consultative capabilities span the functional, technical, and project management facets in systems integration. Sean has over 19 years of experience and achievements in Oracle technologies. Sean’s accomplishments include regional accolades as a key leader and expert in the Oracle market, facilitating consistently high quality services and solutions. Sean developed and realized this leadership as co-founder of Abaris, an Oracle consulting organization that worked with over 150 customers on a regional and global level. Sean brings a proven track record to Trevera where his expertise and capabilities will be a pillar of market leadership, as well as facilitating industry leading quality and value for Trevera’s clients.

Manoj Chawla

EVP and co-founder of Trevera Solutions, Inc.

Manoj has over thirty years of experience in information technology and services, including over 19 years of Oracle EBS systems integration experience. Since 1995, Manoj has built upon his achievements as an Oracle DBA and applications architect, including accomplishments across a multitude of infrastructures, databases, and application architectures. As a co-founder of Abaris, Manoj propelled Abaris into recognition as a regional Oracle services leader, including a very successful US based managed services Oracle practice. Manoj has provided value and results for a plethora of Oracle customers over the past 19 years. Through his effectively implemented technology architecture, package solutions, understanding of business processes, and IT strategy, Manoj has continually provided tangible value to clients in managing solutions, application/database environments, and cloud-based migrations and infrastructure. Manoj remains a key player in the Oracle space, who is the backbone of Trevera’s Database/Application Environment and Support services.