Technology Management is evolving, and more specifically, how organizations manage not only technology, but the positions overseeing technology, technology vendors, policies, strategies, and cross-functional considerations. Whether it’s the evolving role of an IT services broker, to the creative disruption of technology, or the increasing speed of new technology adoption, properly harnessing the potential power of technology can lead to significant organizational benefits – and improperly managing this same power can easily turn into organizational problems…some that are seriously detrimental. Trevera can help you navigate this quickly evolving industry, it’s services, products, and technologies, as well as their application inside your organization.

Technology Selection / Evaluation

With so many choices, pros / cons, risks, ROIs, and other factors, how does an organization select the right technology product? As is the case for addressing many complex problems, to properly steer this type of process, there is a methodology. And it also helps to have the methodology worked through by a team of experts. At Trevera, you get both, and a foundation that has successfully helped countless organizations through decisions ranging from their infrastructural or Cloud architecture, to big ERP, to add-on Edge applications. Regardless of the type of technology, software, or criteria, Trevera’s core values allow a non-biased, yet thorough analysis of your requirements. And if there are factors that might compromise our analysis, we will be the first to tell you.

Technology Management Augmentation

IT Management has evolved into a deeply volatile and expansive role. One day you’re managing desktops and the help desk, then the next you’re trying to figure out what the big deal is about the Cloud. Then to wrap up your week, every business area is asking for features, upgrades, functionality, and capabilities that you only have 30% of the budget for. Let’s also not forget that most of your executive team has unrealistic expectations for what is possible, as well as what they should be doing to help enable technology.

What are the best practices? What should be expected from business areas? Can I get someone to back me up here? What technologies do we need, and which are nice to have?

Or maybe you just have some tasks that require domain expertise – a project plan, a strategy, a policy / procedure, or vendor selection.

Whether it’s unanswered questions, a requirement, a sounding board, or just some polished back up for a presentation, Trevera’s Technology Management Augmentation services can provide these services and more.

At Trevera, we aren’t just a Service Provider, we are your trusted partner in technology.

Technology Candidate Screening and Evaluation

Contingency Recruitment can be a value-added option for organizations – but is a recruiter, even a career recruiter, really the best option for key assignments in management, operations, and technology? Maybe – but we would like to ask you to consider another option. As industry veterans, we have worked with many executives and line staff, ranging from COOs, CFOs, and CIOS, to SBAs, Operations Analysts, DBAs, Technical writers, etc. Over the years, we’ve seen who has performed (and who hasn’t), as well as become first-hand observers in the qualifications and attributes that lead to performance based candidates (and those that don’t).

But is that enough? Not really, but Trevera’s leadership team also has decades of experience leading, advising on, and running various business areas in many industries, as part of our collective services, skill sets, and experiences. And if you want to see what we’re talking about, we would be glad to demonstrate how we qualify, our qualifications, and our methods in candidate selection.

So, the question is – do you want to trust your new hires to a recruiter, or to a relevantly experienced team, that also knows how to recruit?

Value Add

Even if you don’t end up using one of our Technology Management Services, you will benefit from our acumen through our services. All of our Services integrate our industry and technology management capabilities into their execution, feedback, account management, advisory, deliverables, and communications. Through our services philosophies and output, you still get the benefit of added value that our competitors simply can’t replicate.

Is it time for the cloud? Are Saas, iPaaS, etc. right for you? What will you need in the future? What can you leverage in other systems as you upgrade core technology?
Stay ahead of your users and offer newer, better, faster today.

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Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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