By looking at our Service descriptions, you can get a sense of what we do – and more importantly, that we do many different things, and strive to do them at our high standard of quality. But what if a service doesn’t fit what you need exactly? That’s OK – we can customize any of our services to fit your requirements. For example, maybe a turnkey project makes sense, except for the training, where you only need some brains on a stick (Resource Augmentation). That’s fine – we can craft a Solution / Resource Augmentation hybrid. Maybe that’s not interesting enough? OK, how about this – let’s say you need Managed Services to support your Production environment, but also require some file storage for a knowledge base repository you need Trevera to build. We can put together an engagement that provides the Managed Services for support, the Cloud services for storage, and the Solutions (Project) to create the repository.  There really is no limit to what we can accomplish, if you require more engagement flexibility, yet want the Trevera quality standard, and/or want to single source the engagement.

At Trevera, we don’t look at walls as barrier; rather they just tell us how high we need to jump.

Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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