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It’s all about the Cloud! Actually, the concept of the Cloud has been around for a long time. The only difference now is that the industry is finally figuring out some important aspects of scaling out data center operations, security, redundancies, and multi-tenancy. Prior to these developments, it made it a hard proposition for organizations to consider. But now, the Cloud has developed into a real opportunity for many organizations. Trevera started prototyping various XaaS and data center models during the late 90s, and this capability has grown over the years. This has enabled Trevera to offer enterprise level cloud services at the quality standards Trevera is known for.

Application / Technology System Hosting

The most immediately relevant cloud trend for enterprises today is the scalable, redundant, and dynamic data center. Data centers have evolved into organizations that specialize in computing resources in scale. Data centers offer value, security, scale, and flexibility that the traditional premise based options simply can’t compete with. And despite the industry controversy about security, data centers can offer effective security and virtual network / cloud services that easily compete with premise based data centers. When coupled with the scale, redundancy, disaster recovery, and flexibility offered, there’s little mystery why most premise based enterprise systems will end up in a data center over the immediately foreseeable future.

Trevera’s Application / Technology Cloud services adhere to our leading quality standards, utilizing a variety of shared or dedicated resource pools, backup / recovery, redundancies, burstable bandwidth, and customized premise / cloud hybrid solutions. When coupled with Trevera’s data center partner, US Signal, you can rest in the peace that your systems will be available, protected, secure, and redundant, per your preferences. Below are just some of the Cloud programs we offer:

Public Cloud Private Cloud Dedicated Servers, Internet, Network
Equipment Hosting / Colocation Backup as a Service (BaaS) Recovery as a Service (RaaS)
Enterprise Replication as a Service Cloud Back up Managed Cloud / Equipment

Trevera provides real access and integration of cross-functional solutions; the support process leverages past lessons learned, addresses issues with the right resources, and integrates the right skill sets with the right perspective. Accessible information means that your peace of mind, as well as your cost savings, is realized sooner.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

As is the case for the Cloud, SaaS has been around for a while. However, the paradigm shifts that have occurred in data center operations, Big Data, XaaS, Multi-tenant operations, and IoT have put new pressure on the mid to top tiers of the ERP space to figure out the SaaS models. It is a work in progress…but make no mistake, significant progress is being made. In the mid-market, the software curve is well on its way with NetSuite, and the top tier of Oracle’s Cloud Applications continues to make large jumps forward. With the complexity of big ERP, the large amounts of data, custom objects, cross-platform communications, upgrade/update level impacts, and more, there is still much to be considered when deciding to go SaaS, as well as what partner to select in your journey. So, what does a customer do in navigating what is still an emerging technology? Select the right partner. As has been the case with ERP historically, this is a bigger challenge than it might seem, due to partners that might be brought in by other organizations, or by a common contact in your organization, or maybe because that partner did a great job during the sales cycle. Even volume of similar experience doesn’t necessarily mean a partner has an advantage (because of the rapid evolution of newer products, the tech stack and point releases change too fast to leverage the experience).  To navigate through these nebulous factors, stick to the basics – i.e. partner values, systems integration experience, proven methodology, customer references, demonstrated ability, and expansive access to the labor market.  Basically, it comes down to this:

  • With the right core values, the partner will be blunt and honest about their (expert) opinion of the SaaS market, options, and applicability.
  • SI experience will help you drill down to the core issues during your initial or subsequent initiatives – i.e., how to support your requirements and your business
  • Proven Methodology – we cannot emphasize this enough. Everyone claims to have one, but there are good / proven methodologies and poor / unproven methodologies. For newer / evolving software, a solid / proven methodology is another layer of security in ensuring you don’t end up with unsupported requirements or adoption issues.
  • Customer references – sure, any organization can produce some. But keep asking until you know they mean something. Maybe four is enough, maybe seven, but make sure the references validate everything else
  • Demonstrated ability – Be sure to talk with their management, their partners, their consultants. Ask for specific problems to be solved – be sure that you see firsthand what the organization can do
  • Expansive Labor Market Access – SIs don’t have access to labor markets like staff augmentation companies do. They will likely need a partner organization. Newer / developing software requires access to many resources. No matter what the size of an SI, or what that SI states their in-house expertise is, it won’t be enough. The labor markets haven’t developed enough yet for any one organization to stand behind that guarantee. For example, there might be a significant inventory bug or lack of functionality that requires a unique solution. There may only be a handful of resources that know it. If your SI doesn’t have access to them, then you will pay for that SI to develop their own. The converse to this point is to ensure that you are indeed talking to an SI, and not a glorified staff augmentation organization.

With Trevera’s services, you will not only get these points above, you will get a trusted partner that will ensure you get the value you deserve out of the newer technologies. Trevera will be there to help you when you need it, as well as facilitate your independence when you want it.

Trevera Cloud Services include all labor categories, and are focused on enterprise infrastructures, technologies, and applications. Our Trevera Cloud Services include the following:

Cloud Migrations (Premise to Data Center)

Oracle Cloud Applications (SaaS for top tier Enterprise)

Oracle Netsuite (SaaS for the mid-tier)

Oracle ERP Applications / Custom / Other Enterprise Applications-Technologies

Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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