Whether you think Software Development is a science or an art, at Trevera it’s about delivering your requirements, in an accurate and efficient manner, rooted in best practices. But…that may be an art or a science, since we are sensitive to your organization, its culture, and the way it conducts business.  At Trevera, you get a leading software development methodology, which utilizes a steadfast focus on testing, structured repositories and revision controls, a proven methodology, code analysis, and code longevity. The software development industry continues to evolve, using continuous improvement, automation, reusable code, and other tools that improve the process and outcome accordingly. At Trevera, you get the benefit of veteran software development resources, the proven methodologies, efficiency, code controls, management, and a scalable solution. Trevera’s services portfolio also contribute to its ability to provide quality driven software development through synergies, breadth of skill sets, project management, and other value added aspects. With Trevera, you don’t just get your software programmed, you get a solution delivered that will endure over the years, and decades.


Methodologies are standardizing, expanding, and encompassing all aspects of technologies. From Waterfall and Prototyping, to the Spiral Model or Extreme Programming, or maybe using Scrum or Lean Development, if that’s your preference — there are more than enough options. Each methodology has a strength and a weakness, and there is no single right answer for everyone, but some fit certain projects and organizations better than others. Trevera can support the approach that works for your requirements. Our recommendations surround enterprise applications and technologies, so we strive to use methodologies that ensure some key results – such as, properly capturing requirements, cross-application design, exception sub-process analysis, and UAT.  You might think of our methodology as being a combination of Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design, Waterfall, and some Lean Programming tactics when possible (to help control budgets). Our team will work with your organization’s requirements, using the most optimal approach to achieving your goals.

At Trevera, it’s not about one-size fits all, but rather what size best delivers your goals.

Enterprise Software Development

Trevera’s DNA spans many different areas of information technology, systems analysis and design, architectural planning, software development, and more. This sophistication is readily brought into our software development processes, allowing Trevera’s quality standards to elevate higher than our competition. For example, software development acumen by itself, no matter how proven, simply can’t ensure that domain specific areas such as integration design or cross-functional requirements gathering, our properly brought into the software development process. For this reason, Trevera’s software development is really enterprise grade software development, since our enterprise software experience overall exceeds far beyond developing software alone.

Code Quality

Simplified, the quality of software code is the end-result of methodology, coding standards and conventions, programmer and organizational acumen, and functionality definitions.  The first step towards building quality into code is to recognize that aspect as relevant and important, and then to integrate that value into the organization. Unfortunately, the evolution of IT services has worked against these factors, spawning organizations that either treat dev ops like a silo activity based on speed and oversimplified specs, or off-shore cost base models that cut corners (whether intended or not), or add-on services that actually fit another service model and are camouflaged as something else.

Trevera has experience managing and evolving a true software development based line of business and solution that is based on expertise stemming back into the 90s. At Trevera, you get a partner that brings true dev ops expertise, but in a framework that allows the end result to do much more than what’s possible with just another software development organization.

What we program

Trevera has proven development experience that includes many Oracle and Microsoft technologies.
Following are some of the technologies Trevera works with:

SQL PL/SQL Mobile / Application Framework
WebLogic Java Application Development Framework
BI Publisher / Reports / Data Integrator Forms / Applications Express .NET

Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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