Today, the evolution of Enterprise Applications and Technology requires unique skill sets and leadership that transcend dated concepts like ERP practices, adoption complexity, bloated timelines / budgets, homogenous applications, etc. What these concepts are changing into isn’t always a simple answer. Trevera’s experience encompasses enterprise applications and their technology stacks with over 20 years of experience. Selecting Trevera as your Oracle Partner will mean you are not stuck with a combination of confusion and unknowns when crafting and executing your applications strategy.

Oracle Applications

Trevera’s history extends back into the early days of ERP, allowing our DNA to be established, learn, and grow along with the industry. The fundamentals of early Enterprise Applications have grown and changed into more scalable applications, with different underlying technologies ranging from big data, to multi-tenant, to best-in-class tech stacks. Trevera’s acumen has evolved with these changes, and our team is well equipped to not only help you through these decisions, but will also be there to help you realize your goals.

Trevera provides its service portfolio for Oracle Applications, including Cloud Applications, Custom Applications, E-Business Suite, NetSuite, and other enterprise applications and associated technologies.

Custom Applications

Trevera’s ability to harness complex and evolving applications and technologies has created a culture centered on not only high performance, but also on delivery, customer self-sufficiency, and deep intellectual capital.  As part of this growth has been significant experiences in designing, building, validating, and rolling out custom applications. Our experience includes many different types of functionalities, in different systems, different industry verticals, and built with different types of development tools. Trevera’s abilities in systems integration and software development deepen abilities to engineer custom applications further.

Custom application design is a key success factor, as scalability, security, function, ease of use, and other key end result criteria all come to realization (or not) through an accomplished design process. However, is that enough? No – the design relies on proper requirement definition and specification.  Further, complete and thorough exception processing, training, and acceptance is also required. Trevera is more than equipped to delivery your custom application, as desired, and with not only the functionality you need, but also the long-term robustness you deserve.

At Trevera, you get your expectations delivered, your results realized.

Other Applications

With Trevera’s proven systems integration practices, results, and quality, is it a surprise that we have customers approach us to provide resources for, or manage and deliver software projects for products we don’t work with every day? Yes, it is a bit of a surprise – but it’s a good one! Customers that have experienced our ability to deliver quality resources and results, on time, and at budget become interested in that same experience. We are very open and transparent about how much we may work with a specific software footprint. However, Trevera can use its very capable Resource Augmentation arm, along with its proven Solutions arm, to create an experience that quite simply outperforms our competitors. When coupled with the reality that an ongoing relationship with our customers also allows us to learn how our customers do business, their staff, and structures, it’s no surprise that customers are interested in this option.

At Trevera, you not only get technical results, you get an experience that is truly unique and performance driven.

Trevera has flexible engagement arrangements to meet each company’s needs.

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