Trevera, Inc. Launches Expanded Services for Enterprise Applications and Architecture, and Unveils Compact Methodologies

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October 21, 2015
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Mission Viejo, California (September 26, 2017)

Mission Viejo, California – September 26: Helping organizations leverage their Oracle investment to achieve strategic and operational objectives, Trevera, Inc. has announced an expanded value chain centered portfolio of services for its clients. Trevera’s services support and leverage many Oracle technologies and applications, including Oracle Databases, Cloud Applications, and related technology products / services. For the fiscal years 2017 and 2018, Trevera will continue to expand its service lines, while focusing on high velocity methodologies, as well as underlying enterprise cloud architecture and services.

Trevera’s CEO, Michael Bilotta, explains Trevera’s how its services will evolve during 2017 and 2018:

“Trevera’s core leadership team has been in the industry over 20 years, and has a proven enterprise application and technology services track record. This acumen is being leveraged to provide more options, scale, value, and stability to our portfolio. The enterprise applications industry is at a pivotal point, pushing towards the inevitable adoption of at least some level of multi-tenant based technologies and applications. However, within this evolution is a requirement for more options and flexibility. Our clients benefit from assembling effective cloud and value chain solutions that can be pieced together – i.e. SaaS & Colo, PaaS and SaaS, Premise and SaaS, etc. Trevera was founded on realized value as a principle, and continues to deepen its service lines and capabilities on this idea, including Oracle’s premise based applications such as E-Business Suite, and it’s SaaS applications, such as Cloud Applications and NetSuite. Trevera’s services also support any combination of architecture and cloud services, including public/private cloud, co-location, and custom combinations thereof. Trevera continues to leverage its leading quality standards in ways that allow organizations more value, capability, and scalability over the long-term.”

XaaS and Cloud Services are true and powerful trends that offer a value proposition that organizations can no longer ignore. The fusion of enterprise architecture / software with these cloud services are a major factor pushing growth towards the next major trend, Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning. This upcoming trend pressures XaaS and Cloud Services to become more and more efficient, automated, and reliable with less vulnerability due to human error. This means that implementations, upgrades, integrations, custom software, and other system activities are faster, more reliable, flexible, and yield far more results and value for less investment. Trevera’s methodologies already support these ideas, but Trevera is going beyond these standards, and creating a truly innovate, flexible, and continuously improving methodology – Trevera’s Compact Execution Method. This methodology is expected to continually evolve and adopt the most successful aspects of project management, systems integration, software development, and cloud services methodologies. The organic evolution of the methodology is also key, in preparation for the AI trend that is already upon the enterprise software industry.

Michael Bilotta, summarized Trevera’s strategy for moving through projects faster, yet more effectively, in support of these industry trends:

“The Enterprise Software Systems Integration industry has strived to make projects more efficient for years, and the Trevera leadership team has successfully delivered this efficiency for decades. However, taking another step is now a prerequisite for leading systems integrators, creating a truly lean project experience. This is the result of more stable premise based ERP, Cloud efficiencies, velocity based project management methods, and the increased controls and quality standards required from multi-tenant software. Embracing and integrating these factors is Trevera’s Compact Execution Method. Trevera has developed innovative labor models, efficient timeline / collaboration, and high velocity calibrations, to bring together a truly high performing compact (accelerated) methodology.”

Trevera’s plans for 2017 and 2018 include rolling out the Compact Execution Method across all service lines and technologies, allowing its clients to benefit regardless of the type of service leveraged.

For more information, Trevera will be at Oracle OpenWorld 2017, where the team is available to discuss more about the coming operating year. Trevera will also host an exclusive event at Open World 2017, giving away premium technology products from Apple and Microsoft.

Trevera will attend Oracle Open World 2017 in San Francisco, California, October 1-October 5, 2017, to participate in and inspire Oracle application and technology services. To learn more about Trevera’s services, or about Trevera’s events and activities at Oracle Open World, visit

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