Trevera Launches Operations, Including Systems Integrations, Staff Augmentation, and Support Services

Oracle OpenWorld 2012
July 1, 2012
Oracle OpenWorld 2012
July 1, 2012

6/14/2011 Helping Southern California and U.S. Companies Leverage Oracle-Based Systems and Information Technology to Achieve Strategic and Operational Objectives.

Helping Companies Leverage Oracle-Based Systems and Information Technology to Achieve Strategic and Operational Objectives

Irvine, CA. — June 14 — Trevera, Inc. today announced it has launched its systems integration, staff augmentation, and support services to serve companies of all sizes in Southern California and throughout the U.S. Trevera was founded by the same expert Oracle professionals that founded Abaris, Inc. in Irvine, CA.

Drawing on their decades of collective experience in the Oracle space, Trevera founders, Michael Bilotta, Sean Chawla, and Manoj Chawla, bring proven senior-level capabilities in areas such as enterprise solutions architecture, engagement /project management, resource augmentation, database / applications administration, managed services and the overall Oracle ecosystem.

“This officially confirms our commitment to be known as a different type of consulting and support organization,” said Michael Bilotta, CEO of Trevera. “In a market where customers typically experience frustration with technology, Trevera turns that frustration into knowledge and results that can be leveraged”.

“Our mission is straightforward,” said Bilotta. “It’s to engage the fusion between technology and business in ways that allow organizations to capitalize on attainable value.”

Although the enterprise application industry continues to consolidate in structure, the nature of its products continues to grow in complexity and magnitude.

“Our customer philosophy embodies a pragmatic methodology that leverages the tools and approaches that are clearly proven, while continuing to enhance new, more innovative methods that demonstrate tangible benefits. The ultimate goal is to help organizations better manage technology and eliminate the frustrations, ambiguities and inefficiencies that keep them from deriving the most benefit from their technology investment.”

By closely matching customer requirements with qualified skill sets, and by offering customer service, account support and executive sponsorship that is overlaid with Oracle expertise, Trevera intends to increase the overall customer value proposition to levels rarely seen in this space.

Underlying Trevera’s support capabilities are approaches that consistently add value, such as blended support models, virtualization, leveraging Managed Services Automation, and proactive monitoring. Trevera’s support also integrates with Trevera’s solution and resource augmentation capabilities. Trevera’s 360 degree focus on the system life cycle allows organizations to benefit from expertise that applies to all stages of this cycle, regardless of where the organization is at during any given point in time.

More information about Trevera’s services can be found at

About Trevera Solutions, Inc.
Trevera helps clients leverage information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives. Trevera provides solutions, resources, and support for Oracle products including Oracle Databases, E-Business Applications, and other Oracle products. Trevera provides long-term partnerships built on integrity, senior-level expert executive support, and consistent reliability.

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