Trevera, Inc. Enhances Service Offering and Long Term Strategy

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Solidifying its long term strategy in Oracle services innovation and technology leadership, Irvine, CA.


Solidifying its long term strategy in Oracle services innovation and technology leadership, Irvine, CA.
— October 1 — Trevera, Inc. today announced new enhancements in its services offering.

Centered on the Oracle Databases and the E-Business Applications, Trevera’s services portfolio includes Oracle Solutions (Systems Integration), Support (Managed Services), and Resource Augmentation. Trevera has added additional flexibility and innovation tools to their service lines, now allowing customer needs and requirements to be supported in ways generally not available in the market space. Among these service alterations includes Dynamic Services Mixing, which allows heterogeneous service types to be combined in a single engagement. “In many cases, organizations see their unique requirements and expectations either channeled into service line buckets or the engagement is quickly structured and altered in a bedraggled manner by a technology partner that simply may not possess enough services breadth. This brings a customer experience that is less than ideal at best. Along with Trevera’s innovation and established competencies in its lines of business, now a more concentric focus on the customer’s needs is possible.” Said Michael Bilotta, Trevera’s CEO.

One example of how this innovation will be offered is during a major Solutions or Systems Integration effort. A customer can now customize their services relationship with Trevera during that project. For example, a customer can integrate Trevera’s methodology and executive level project steering, use a tightly integrated and structured approach for part of the project, yet augment their staff in a flexible way for other areas, and finally also integrate a service level structure to stabilize the environments for the major project phases. These services from Trevera will all be available, in varying degrees and combinations according to customer preferences, and in a single engagement if needed.  “The Trevera executive team has been in the Oracle space for close to 20 years and it’s exciting to see something that is truly new and groundbreaking in how Oracle services can be deployed for our customers”, said Sean Chawla, Trevera’s President.

At the core of this innovation is true competency in the areas of Systems Integration, Recruitment and Resource Augmentation, and Managed Services. “As an established Managed Services provider, we’re able to integrate Managed Services Automation into the Systems Integration process, and vice versa. This allows more options and flexibility, and ultimately a tighter fit to our customers’ expectations” said Manoj Chawla, Trevera’s Executive Vice President.

Trevera’s Dynamic Services Mixing is only a single component to Trevera’s long term strategy. Trevera’s CEO, Michael Bilotta, explains, “The Trevera founders and executive team are wholeheartedly and completely invested in improving and fostering innovation in the Oracle services space. This is much deeper than just a strategic initiative and is more a function of a true and steadfast commitment to Trevera’s ecosystem over the long term. The one thing that we can always rely on is that there will be change. Trevera will keep pace or even outpace that change by focusing on its ability to quickly innovate and adapt, as well as relentless commitment to Trevera’s long term success. Trevera is more than a leading Oracle services organization to its leadership team, it’s a lifelong commitment.”

Trevera will start to offer its Dynamic Services Mixing on November 1, 2012.

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