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September 1, 2014
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December 4, 2014

Mission Viejo, California – September 19: Helping organizations leverage their Oracle-based systems and information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives, Trevera, Inc., has introduced a new management service enhancement that allows organizations to add more value to their engagements.

Trevera provides multiple lines of business in the Oracle services market. Included are Oracle Managed Services, Oracle Solutions, and Oracle Resource Augmentation. Trevera supports all versions of Oracle E-Business Databases and Applications, including R12 and associated point releases.

Trevera has announced a significant enhancement to its service offering, specifically for organizations that need help with their software technology management, project management, governance, steering, the program office, and many other IT management functions. This service, which Trevera already offers as part of its services portfolio, is called Enablers (due to the focus on enabling Oracle Software) is a fusion of managed services, project management, solutions methodology, and IT management/governance.

For a limited time, Trevera will offer the Enabler service as a complimentary add on to Trevera’s Oracle E-Business Suite Resource Augmentation and Managed services. Enabled services range from support for executive management, line level management, methodology, project management, governance, documentation, to supporting functions such as executive presentations, analysis, memos, and similar areas of support.

Enablers use managed services to augment a team’s management capabilities and intellectual capital. This allows many types of Oracle technology based teams the ability to move forward faster, more effectively, and yielding real results, even if the team is new to a type of initiative, project, or technology.

“Enablers are services that carry immense worth for any organization. However, these services aren’t always at the forefront of many IT / business executives. We are offering these services as an automatic accompaniment to our Managed Services and Resource Augmentation transactions to allow more of our customer base to experience the benefits, lower their TCO, increase stability, and allow the security of having that extra layer of support. This service will go beyond what is offered by other organizations currently in the market.” said Michael Bilotta, Trevera’s CEO.

Trevera will unveil the specifics of this new service enhancement, scheduled to begin in the middle of October, 2014, at Oracle Open World 2014.

Trevera will host an exclusive event at Open World 2014, giving away premium ultra-books from Apple and Microsoft.

Trevera will attend Oracle Open World 2014 in San Francisco, California, September 27-October 2, 2014, to participate in and inspire Oracle application and technology services. To learn more about Trevera’s services, or about Trevera’s events and activities at Oracle Open World, visit

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