Trevera, Inc. Unveils New Managed Service Offering at ORACLE OPENWORLD 2013

Trevera, Inc. Announces New Hybrid Service Offering at Oracle OpenWorld 2013
September 1, 2013
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September 1, 2013

Trevera has announced a new service offering, specifically for organizations that need help with their project management, governance, steering, as well as managing the program office.

Helping organizations leverage their Oracle-based systems and information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives, Trevera, Inc., has introduced a new service that supports, steers, and helps manage organizations’ Oracle initiatives, projects, and other various technology activities.

Trevera provides multiple lines of business in the Oracle services market. Included are Oracle Solutions, Oracle Resource Augmentation, and Oracle Managed Services.

Trevera has announced a new service offering, specifically for organizations that need help with their project management, governance, steering, as well as managing the program office. The new service, called Enablers (due to the focus on enabling Oracle Technology) is a fusion of managed services, project management, solutions methodology, and IT management/governance. This service is added into an Oracle services market that includes services ranging from the more formalized executive models such as virtual CIO/CTOs to management by-products that might come from a managed services transaction, to the more typical value-added discrete advisory that comes from systems integrators and service providers during a project. Enablers use a managed services structure to augment a team’s project management, governance, and steering intellectual capital. This allows a variety of Oracle technology teams the ability to move forward faster, more effectively, and yielding real results, even if the team is new to a type of initiative, project, or technology. Enablers may also act as a steering or PMO tool to oversee project activities. “Enablers are truly differentiated in the market, as the current market offerings (other than large, traditional systems integration projects) don’t provide a true tool that diagnoses, solves, and steers an IT team through an initiative, problem, project, or activity. Enablers are the answer to that deficiency,” said Michael Bilotta, Trevera’s CEO.

Enablers bring value to organizational IT teams that can benefit from some guidance and support during their day-to-day activities working with Oracle technology. Services may range from workforce advisory, to assistance with project approaches and strategy, to supporting actual project / IT management duties. “We have structured our Enablers to allow a fluid and flexible transition of our advice, methodology, and successful track record into our customer’s environments, and without the cost of traditional (more expensive) full-time consultants that are on-site,” said Prince Paul, Trevera’s Director of Fulfillment.

Enablers were created from an ongoing accumulation of customer requests. “Enablers are a perfect answer for the increasing amount of requests we hear in the market to better support our clients. Clients are seeking support for their IT initiatives, as well as lowering their TCO,” said Sean Chawla, Trevera’s President of Business Development.

Trevera will attend Oracle Open World 2013 in San Francisco, California, September 22-26, 2013, to participate in and inspire Oracle application and technology services. To learn more about Trevera’s services, or about Trevera’s events and activities at Oracle Open World, visit

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