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June 9, 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada – October 18, 2021: Helping organizations leverage their Oracle investment to achieve strategic and operational objectives, Trevera, Inc. received the Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner of the Year award, awarded during the NetSuite SuiteWorld conference. Trevera’s NetSuite practice is rapidly growing, allowing its reach to continue to expand, helping more and more organizations maximize value and change velocity from their NetSuite investment. The Alliance Partner of the Year award is granted to NetSuite Alliance partners who have shown proven acumen and expertise in engaging and delivering NetSuite product solutions. Building on its 20 years of industry experience, Trevera partners and engages with its customers on a level that allows a true sharing of the customer’s goals and success. This level of goal sharing allows a greater level of innovation, quality, and democratization. Trevera continues to support and leverage its portfolio of Oracle Services, including Oracle Databases, Cloud ERP and NetSuite Applications, and related technology products / services. For the fiscal year 2022, Trevera will continue to focus on innovation, high velocity methodologies, and cloud architecture and services, in these specific product areas, in the Oracle ecosystem.

Trevera’s CEO, Michael Bilotta, explains how Trevera’s services will continue to evolve during 2022:

“Trevera’s leadership team has delivered quality solutions and services for over 25 years and maintains a consistent brand quality that continues to grow. In pacing with the enterprise and cloud services industry, Trevera’s portfolio will grow with attributes of innovation and exceptionalism that allow ERP applications to truly become the competitive advantage they were once intended to be. When coupled with our intimate and proven methods for ERP solutions and services, Trevera will start to augment its services with more than methodology, quality, and a proven track record. The future of Trevera’s services will also include aspects of AI, one to one customized services, as well as organizational solution mapping at levels unseen so far. These innovations will change systems integrations, solutions, and the overall “fit” to an organization’s specific requirements and circumstances. The last couple of years have rocked the world, but out of the most difficult challenges come knowledge, innovation, growth, and progress. We’re honored to be in this industry as an Oracle partner, and we plan to continue to grow our relationship with Oracle, Oracle products, and the customer ecosystem.” 

About Trevera Solutions, Inc.

Trevera provides services for Oracle technology, including Architecture, Cloud Services, Database & Applications Technology, and Software Development. Trevera provides Cloud Services, Managed Services, Oracle Solutions, and Workforce Augmentation for Oracle Databases and Applications. Trevera provides long-term partnerships and strategic value built on integrity, executive support by industry veterans, and market leading reliability and value.