Trevera, Inc. Announces New Hybrid Service Offering at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

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August 1, 2013
Trevera, Inc. Unveils New Managed Service Offering at ORACLE OPENWORLD 2013
September 1, 2013

Trevera has announced a new service offering, targeting organizations and initiatives that can benefit from using more efficient alternatives to deliver their Oracle solutions.

Helping organizations leverage their Oracle-based systems and information technology to achieve strategic and operational objectives, Trevera, Inc., has introduced a new hybrid service model that delivers Oracle project and solution services using a cloud-based and managed services model.

Trevera provides multiple lines of business in the Oracle services market. Included are Oracle Solutions, Oracle Resource Augmentation, and Oracle Managed Services.

Trevera has announced a new service offering, targeting organizations and initiatives that can benefit from using more efficient alternatives to deliver their Oracle solutions. The new service, unofficially called “Distributed Solutions” and planned for rollout in 2014, is a fusion of managed services, telecommuting, and a traditional systems integration project.

The service model uses a collection of quality resources and services during an Oracle project life cycle, leveraging blended on and off-site service models to work in conjunction with each other, as well as with customer resource teams, to deliver Oracle solutions. The hybrid model leverages the strengths available from a traditional project management approach, while tapping into the blended workforce flexibility and intellectual capital possible with managed services. Historically, remote projects, predominately used as a lower cost alternative, come with compromises in the delivered solution, as well as having substandard customer service levels. Trevera’s plans to use its focus on quality and consistency, as well as its proven capability in Oracle solutions and managed services, as a foundation for the hybrid offering. “Many organizations have projects and initiatives that can greatly benefit from additional flexibility and collective intellectual capital, yet also allowing an increase in efficiency,” said Sean Chawla, Trevera’s President of Business Development.

How effective and enduring a solution is depends on the ability to cultivate the method, approaches, and intellectual capital available during a project. Due to limitations in decentralized work logistics, remote service models, unified communications, and other trends promoting a distributed workforce, there has been a natural tendency to keep project operations and resources more centralized. These challenges have also limited and mutated the attempted fusion of systems integration, staff augmentation, and managed service models. Although mixtures and mash-ups of these service models continues to evolve, most blended models have significant risks associated with them.

However, with the growth of tools and philosophies such as unified communications, services planning & execution, and cloud-based information capabilities, distributed workforces are becoming a real services option. Trevera plans to leverage its strengths in systems integration, resource augmentation, and managed services, while focusing on customer service as a key success factor to ultimately deliver a successful hybrid model. Along with industry trends promoting this fusion of services, Trevera plans to leverage its capabilities and innovations to make the vision a reality. “The distributed services model allows us to pool more intellectual capital and flexibility into a project, which will ultimately yield a high quality result and a lower total cost of ownership,” said Prince Paul, Trevera’s Director of Fulfillment.

This hybrid model differs from off-shore models as the engagements are executed primarily on-shore, and key components of traditional systems integration projects will remain intact as opposed to transitioning into an off-shore scenario. “IT services are evolving in many ways, similar to what’s been seen over the decades in other business models and industries. Distributed Solutions (services) are a natural progression along with this evolution. Since Trevera has the established lines of business, information technology acumen, and Oracle experience, we are confident this offering will raise the bar for what can be delivered using hybrid models,” said Michael Bilotta, Trevera’s CEO.

Trevera will attend Oracle Open World 2013 in San Francisco, California, September 22-26, 2013, to participate in and inspire Oracle application and technology services. To learn more about Trevera’s services, or about Trevera’s events and activities at Oracle Open World, visit

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